I could also be a star seed, however how?

I’ve by no means heard of starseed till now. Did some digging and I feel I met most trait of a starseed.

Starseed trait I meet

– I can predict future typically.

– my physique temperature is 33 to 35 C in main faculty every day temperature verify.

-See via folks simply. Individuals would begin to vote me out in video games like wolf after they learn the way good I’m .

– Animals are actually drawn to me. All pets would reply to me even when me and their precise house owners name them on the similar time. I might tease my pet proprietor pals with that on a regular basis.

– All folks says I’m kinda bizarre in a great way. However folks in HK blame my race and folks in the place I stay now blame me rising up in HK for it.
My pals even use my title as a adjective for bizarre vibe.

– undoubtedly a previous soul.

– fk the human guidelines, I really feel like they’ve a lot flaws and I kinda have my very own ethical requirements.

– native in three earth languages however failed in any respect three of them🤦🏻‍♀️

Starseed trait I do not meet:

– not vivid in goals in any respect.

– no reminiscences of different life in any respect, I can not even bear in mind issues on this life effectively.

– earth all the time looks like residence to me. Anticipate for the horrible rental home I’m staying in.

– I’ve no real pleasure once I leant perhaps I’m not human in any case , I’m only a bit in disbelief,scared and confused.

– infants and young children hate me.

Am I a starseed? How can I not remembering something if I’m?

Right here is my submit in nosleep if you need extra particulars. Every part in my submit is totally true.

Wanderer/starseeds/lightworkers/indigochildren/walk-ins…and many others

I’ve been informed that I’m a wanderer due an expertise I had whereas below a hypnotic trance/meditative state.

I bear in mind being a part of a yellow cloud entity. There was a bunch of us and all of us communicated within the ideas of phrases. It was on the spot however not chaotic. We knew everybody and everybody knew me however we additionally had the identical thoughts.

I bear in mind feeling that I used to be younger within the entity and that I needed to expertise what it is wish to have fingers and toes and to really feel. They agreed realizing that it will be a fast expertise and that I’d come again when it is achieved so I and I ended up right here!

The entity I used to be a part of was benevolent and was curious and needed to study and expertise issues however would not wish to intrude. It desires to be a part of the expertise. That is what I get from it.

I simply wish to know what you all suppose and if anybody of you got here from one thing comparable.

I do not actually really feel I’ve a mission right here. It is simply to expertise after which return.