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Vivid desires. A metropolis in my thoughts.

Just a few fast factors to make. To preface, I hadn’t heard the time period Starseed till yesterday when a pal’s psychic known as my ass out lengthy distance — with out even assembly me. I learn some articles on-line; just a few virtually introduced me to tears merely from their surprising accuracy to how I’ve at all times seen issues. I’ve at all times had fascinatingly vivid dreams– moreso now and over the previous few years than early childhood. I might say about 75-80% of the desires I bear in mind all happen in the identical world. A number of visible consistency, a contemporary metropolis / assortment of cities joined by a excessive velocity prepare system. It at all times amazes me once I discover myself there as a result of typically it feels simply as actual actual as my waking life.

Do we actually assume that we’re from one other planet / star system? I at all times believed that we’re all right here to have enjoyable and once we die we reemerge into our non bodily state and simply kinda do it once more. This positively provides layers to issues….

Anyway, a pleasure to be right here. Thanks for having me!

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  1. 17 May 2017 at 17:30

    Your story applies to me too. Since I was about 7, I’ve been dreaming of a city/municipality where each and every dream has been taking place. The house numbers are out of order, there is a massive transit and ravine system, and the people are tall (perhaps Pleiadians, but maybe not). Everything is connected by a subway. There have been times in my dream where I could be walking or driving down a street, and recall another dream I had years prior simply based on the environment I’m currently within. I could write a whole book about my dream experiences and the environment that exists, and the people within it — one person there was going to high school but forgot about her exams and failed, and ended up being homeless because her family was ultra strict and she was a black sheep and became unlovable, with the catalyst being the exams.

    I met some fellow starseeds a few weeks ago, and discovered that we all can lucidly dream to an extent, and we are connected on a different spiritual plane. Yesterday for example, there was a workshop about starseeds run by an organizer who I have become acquainted with, and I forgot it was happening. I somehow felt her call me 10 minutes past the start time of the workshop, so I checked her website, and low and behold, she and all the other folks I met were meeting for another workshop at that time.

    My best friend is also a starseed, she has memory of a language with a full spelling and grammar system that doesn’t exist anywhere on this planet. Kinda freaky but pretty cool, perhaps creative, and definitely different.

    Another cool thing I can sense are tarot cards — I have pulled the same card from my deck when doing a reading on myself exactly 7 times in a row (Queen of Pentacles). The scientist in me says it’s synchrocity, but the empathic starseed says it’s more than coincidence.

    You’ll learn a lot of things about yourself over the next several days, weeks, years. It will all become clear at some point, I too am new to all of this and am learning.

    Welcome ☺️

  2. 17 May 2017 at 17:30

    How funny! I recently moved to a new apartment– one of my neighbors next door does a lot of energy work (via massage therapy) but she’s had her “own” language since she was a little kid. Totally syntactically, grammatically, vocabular-ily sound. Crazy stuff. Fascinating stuff.