The Crystal

Message from the Arcturians

ManEggSpiralHornSkyYour persistent reminiscence of human, bodily incarnations has restricted your consciousness to the behavior of solely perceiving third-dimensional patterns of sunshine. Therefore, expressions of your self which might be calibrated to the upper dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are misplaced to your bodily consciousness.

Your lengthy behavior of putting your consideration on the decrease vibratory grids of Earth’s holographic matrix amplifies the sensations, perceptions and experiences of your bodily self. Subsequently, your ordinary attachment to the third dimensional grids over-rides your connection to the upper frequency grids. As a result of your major consideration is on the decrease grids, you imagine that solely the bodily world is REAL.

Due to this small, decrease frequency perceptual subject, your higher-dimensional Sirian, Pleiadian and/or Arcturian expressions of SELF who projected into lots of your bodily earth vessels is invisible to your 3D perceptions. To expertise your total vary of sunshine, you should connect your multidimensional consciousness to the upper frequency grids of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

The primary problem you face is to keep in mind that YOU are a multidimensional being. Since you are conscious of that fact, you’ll be able to “save” the experiences of your expanded consciousness onto Gaia’s greater frequency holographic grids. In different phrases, if you save your inter-dimensional occurrences on Gaia’s holographic matrix, they merge with the experiences of different earthlings who’ve had related experiences.

As soon as this group power is ‘saved’ others can join with this power subject to make inter-dimensional journey extra ‘regular.’ Additionally, as extra of you bear in mind your inter-dimensional experiences in your every day life, your reminiscence will join the upper frequency grids to Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional grids.

All life on Earth is linked to Gaia’s holographic matrix. It’s by means of the shared expertise of this matrix that Gaia’s inhabitants are shifting past the restrictions of third dimensional consciousness and into the upper frequencies of actuality. At first these experiences are labeled as “desires” or “simply creativeness.”

Nonetheless, when these desires and imaginations are communicated to others through the shared grids, they develop into extra odd. Because the “new regular” expands, an increasing number of of humanity feels protected sufficient to brazenly share their experiences. Thankfully, the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms reside in unity consciousness with Gaia and naturally embrace Her return to multidimensionality.

Be certain to floor/save your greater frequency perceptions/experiences on all of the frequency grids of the hologram. Then, it will likely be a lot simpler so that you can bear in mind your inter-dimensional experiences in your every day life. In different phrases, you “save” your inter-dimensional experiences in each the “exhausting drive” of the planetary matrix and within the “software program” of your bodily mind.

A terrific drawback of the software program of your human mind is that it solely spans one lifetime and some dimensions. With a purpose to entry all the scale and lives of your full SELF, you’ll need to entry the “exhausting drive” of Gaia’s Matrix. Gaia’s Matrix is very similar to a transporter in that it carries the DNA codes of each inhabitant that transports/bi-locates onto Her planet.

Subsequently, by means of the ‘transporter recordsdata’ of Gaia, it is possible for you to to seek out all of the lives through which you might have entered Gaia’s evolution, your level of origin for that entrance and if you logged in and logged out of that incarnation. Most vital in your current timeline, you have the ability to retrieve the recordsdata for your whole incarnations on Earth.

On this method, you’ll be able to consolidate all that you simply realized in your many lives on Earth to gather all the knowledge you might have amassed about what you might have realized abut planetary ascension. As soon as your consciousness is absolutely linked to Earth’s multidimensional matrix, you’ll expertise the sunshine of Gaia’s data that always flows from Her planetary mild physique to your private mild physique.

To remind you of an earth expression through which you lived in whole unity and unconditional love, I’ll activate the element of Gaia’s matrix through which we first met within the earliest intervals of Lemuria. To entry this mild code, I ask that we unite our consciousness and give attention to the bottom of Gaia’s Core Crystal

Once you collect in entrance of Gaia’s large Core Crystal, focus your consideration on the bottom of the crystal. Slowly you start to really feel a way of planetary consciousness that you’ve got by no means skilled earlier than.

At first many footage of myriad realities come into your consciousness then, out of the blue, you might be experiencing two realities directly. You’re nonetheless within the core of the planet standing earlier than the Core Crystal, while you’re additionally an enormous fowl.

From deep inside your being, you hear, Lemuria
“I’m Kaa-ah from the Fowl Flock o f Mu.” Immediately, you felt the enjoyment of flying above a land that seems to be shades of ocher and gold. The feeling of flying is marvelous past phrases, and the purity and love of that actuality is pristine and alive with pure potential. As you hearken to Kaa-ah’s story, you we additionally reside it.
“I’m Kaa-ah,” you hear once more. “I’m from the Fowl Flock of Mu. You doubtless can not say my title, nor might I say yours, for we converse solely in tones and melodies. I telepathically join with you in order that I can share the imaginative and prescient of my most beloved reminiscence of flying into our golden metropolis within the heart of Mu. In fact, our total world resonated to shades of ocher, gold, bronze and crystal.

We of historical Mu are the primary on this rotation of the Nice Galactic Cycle to experiment with kind. There have been many different realities that existed in former cycles, however they’re unknown to us throughout this incarnation.

We’ve come from the ONE to help in making a actuality of duality and are joyous to speak with you. As I look into your thoughts I see that the time period ‘we’ means many, however to our minds the time period ‘we’ means the ONE. We’ve no time period for individuality. We’re the flock.

Every of us cares as a lot for the flock as for the guts that beats inside our personal chest. Maybe we really feel this manner as a result of all of us beat to the guts of the Sacred Egg. We, the Fowl Flock of Mu, are the Keepers of the Sacred Egg. The guts/core of our life inside this holographic projection Earth is the gestation of the Sacred Egg.

Mu, who’s your complete planet to us, regularly breathes Her sacred power of creation into our Sacred Egg. It’s this power of creation that’s utilized by all of the residents of Mu, as not all of our residents are of the Fowl Tribe.

Earlier than we entered this actuality, we experimented with many types. The idea of kind was new to us, for in our true House within the greater vibrations of Gentle, we’re pure consciousness.

We, the residents of Mu, got here to Mom Earth to provoke a grand experiment of polarities of life in kind. We joined this actuality understanding that these polarities would develop into more and more excessive.

We additionally knew that ultimately these polarities would create an look of separation. Inside our experiment, Gentle was to be step by step cut up into good/mild and unhealthy/ darkish and kind can be cut up into the genders of female and male.

Within the former cycles of the Mom’s sojourn across the Central Solar, there had been many different guests. Mom Earth has lengthy supplied a format for a lot of differing life types to reside and collect experiences. On this method Earth has ready her SELF for her Last Initiation, the Initiation of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional love is the cohesive energy of the Multiverse and the facility of creation. Throughout the ONE, solely unconditional love and divine creation is thought. After we now not require our manifestation, we merely withdraw our consideration and intention in order that the creation can step by step, or immediately, stop to exist.

We’ve lengthy been conscious of the myriad torsion waves of multidimensional mild and unconditional love touring the multiverse. With the facility of consideration, statement and intention we name for these waves to interrupt into particles of artistic potential.

Then utilizing our energy inside of unconditional love, we create the manifestation of our need through the use of the uncooked potential of those particles of sunshine that are composed of affection and potential.

This ‘new’ discovery of those torsion waves in your ‘modern-day’ is frequent information in our land of Mu. It’s on this method that we create types for our consciousness.

We’ve nice enjoyable experimenting with taking many various types. Simply as you experiment by sporting totally different clothes in your physique, we experiment with sporting totally different types on our consciousness.

The Sacred Egg, which is the facility supply for our planet, is way away from the interruptions of the psychic power of Mu’s different inhabitants. Within the highest tower of our highest mountain, of which we now have few, the Mom’s Sacred Egg lives in fixed communication with the Mom’s mate, the Father of Gentle.

On this method, Mom Earth’s Egg of artistic potential stays eternally basked within the unconditional love of Her Divine Complement, Father Gentle. This fixed connection between Gentle/Spirit and Matter/Kind offers us the facility to consciously create our types and fulfill our wants.

We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, wanted a kind that would fly, as we had been the emissaries between the Mom within the central mountain and Her outer lands and oceans. After we first started our experiment of life in kind, each being might simply float up the mountain and into the Nice Temple of Completion.

Nonetheless, because the Mom grew to become an increasing number of polarized we had to decide on to reside inside a type of considered one of Her 4 parts of earth, air, hearth or water. A few of us selected to stroll the land, others selected to fly the air or swim the ocean, and others selected to stay in formless mild in order that they might serve the component of fireplace.

Regularly, the water beings couldn’t depart the water lengthy sufficient to journey the nice distance up the mountain, the fireplace beings selected to take care of their flickering, ever-changing types of mild, and people who walked the land might now not take the time to journey to the Temple.

Therefore, it was the creatures of the air that grew to become the ‘Keepers of the Sacred Egg.’ We might simply fly from the mountaintop, over the waters and onto the land. We might additionally converse with the fireplace creatures. All of the beings of the 4 parts are completely aware of their kind and might simply talk with all the opposite beings by means of telepathy and empathy.

As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we create nests across the high of the mountain, slightly below the Temple, to put and hatch our personal eggs. We solely create an egg once we are prepared to finish our expertise as a member of Mu’s actuality. After we start to lengthy to return House to the ONE to go to our household of Spirit, we construct a nest and lay our egg.

As soon as we lay our egg it’s immediately fertilized by the Move of the nice Father Spirit that penetrates each molecule of our mountain. We patiently sit on our egg till a being of sunshine needs the expertise of our kind. As soon as this being enters our egg, we completely share our consciousness.

By our joint consciousness, our potential substitute travels Mu to be taught concerning the experiences and obligations of our Fowl Flock. If the sunshine being decides to take a kind on Mu, it hatches into its fowl kind. The mom fowl maintains her personal kind till her substitute is able to carry out her obligations on her personal.

At this level, the sunshine of the Mom Fowl flashes out of her kind, and the shape disappears as the sunshine returns to the unity of House. Please perceive that there is no such thing as a ‘start’ or ‘loss of life’ in our actuality. Start means surrounding our mild with kind, and loss of life means releasing that kind again to its parts and returning to the sunshine.

Life and loss of life are the identical in your day, which to our notion is going on in the identical cosmic NOW as our actuality on Mu. In our actuality we solely ‘eat’ mild. Therefore, there may be by no means a necessity for meals or any elimination of waste merchandise. All kind is stuffed with life and all kind communicates with one another, in addition to with our spirit self of sunshine.

We Lemurians started the cycle which you at the moment are closing. We’ve come into your consciousness to help you with seeding the Mom’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. We’ve come into you for we’re you. We symbolize the start of this cycle and also you symbolize the transmutation of this cycle into its greater expression.

We bless you in your journey, for it’s very similar to ours. We’re the Alpha and you’re the Omega, the start and the ending. We started this experiment of polarity, and you might be right here to shut it. Simply as we’re aiding others to step in to the 3D Matrix, we are going to help you to step out of it.

As soon as that circle is closed the start and the ending will merge into the Oneness of NOW. As soon as throughout the NOW you might be freed from time and shall be returned to the ONE.

I AM Kaa-ah,
Blessings in your transmutation

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