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Starseeds remembering previous lives?

So I wished to get this subreddit speaking and I am curious to know when you keep in mind your previous lives and what of them. The place are/had been you from? Names? Something actually.

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  1. 26 April 2017 at 06:19

    hi! I think this is an interesting subreddit. Lets get people talking & sharing knowledge. I’ll go first:

    I had encounters 2 years back where I went to my akashic records hall, which looked something like central station in New York but enlarged with the 3 windows huge and golden white light going into the building. I got there in a dream where a nice guide guided me through the whole place. The giant room had 3 levels, and divided in two. The left half was identical in structure to the right, which is of my twin flame. on each floor there was 3 unconnected walls which on each side was covered in paintings of the faces I was in past lives. She told me a lot of information I can’t understand right now, but hopefully in the future.

    After that I came in meditation to encounter myself from a past life, since I was experiencing the same karma in this life as I had then. The past self that came through was me as a extremely large humanoid ancient Egyptian, that was practicing some witchy-ju-ju fire magic in a large pit at the top of a pyramid I was staying in till Ra (egyptian deity) came in and told me the place was going to be rubble soon. I had other past lives come through of being in New York.

    Later a year ago my guardian angel told me a specific date I needed to do some meditation, and a few months later [I had no clue what the date was] on that day which also happened to be a kind of supermoon and some spiritual event, I made an inuitive grind which then connected me back to where my energy comes from, the Pleiades and met my spiritual creators & old faces I immediately recognized. I try to take these kinds with an easy mind, because otherwise it will get to your head & affect how you experience reality 🙂