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How precisely did you discover out you have been a starseed?

How did you determine that you simply have been a starseed. I ask this as a result of typically I really feel I’m one however I do not know if I’m one or not. I received into this possibly within the sixth grade once I found religious awakening. I believed I used to be a pleadian. I have no idea anymore. If I’m not and I’m simply saying I’m however I am not of if I really am I do not need to formally say I’m a stars pink once I’m not. Do you perceive what I imply?

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  1. 26 April 2017 at 00:25

    I was told that I was a starseed. -Yesterday in fact. I spoke to a “life coach” (psychic rebranded) and I don’t know that it’s true or not but I’ve always felt different. Detached and not part of the status quo. Even at an early age I remember being fascinated with meditation, sensory deprivation (and being a rural kid in the early 80’s who knows how I even got introduced to the concept) and the power of thought.
    I was always hard on myself. So much so that I eliminated myself from doing anything really fulfilling.

    I was raised Christian and told about the devil and the affects of sinning regularly. Going to heaven and hell. The typical stuff you hear when you have parents with good intentions but little focus on deciphering what’s really going on.

    I still question all of this even though I’ve had some things happen that has helped form my growing/evolving opinion of the New Age style of philosophy.
    I’m pretty depressed a lot. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything or helped anyone. Alot of thats because I beat myself up a lot. Which isn’t a good thing but I do believe theres a duality to it. I’ve also been told (and what I was told is right on with my experience) that I’m empathic and very open. As someone who thought this prior to seeing anyone I’ve come to suspect that my experience thus far has to do with understanding pain. Don’t get me wrong negative thinking limits you but in order to help you have to understand the origin of pain and suffering to some extent. Whether it’s self induced or externally received.
    I still wonder if this is me wanting to feel special. That I want to accept that what I was told is correct because I need to believe it to do something with my life in order to feel part of something.
    I’m new to someone else saying what I’ve suspected but it’s a really big change of mentality depending on just how far you want to go.
    Don’t rush things. You will believe what you need to when you need to believe it. Until then learn.

    I think some of it is who you are surrounded by. Like minded people with similar ability eliminates that “feeling special” ego trip. Much like some of the rich feel special or privileged because of their good fortune. To them it’s normal when they are around other rich folks.

  2. 26 April 2017 at 00:25

    i think i am, but i am reluctant to it because it just seems too egotistic. i mean i think if we are aware of the fact that it is egotistic, then it is ok. ik i seem far out

    idk. maybe everyone is a starseed.

    maybe the less one is attached to ego, the more alien one feels.

    considering the values of society, at least american, are more inline with the values of the ego. so we can see how that might be true.