Arcturian geometry questions for these of you who dont know

If somebody is educated on these pictures and the Arcturians, i’ve a pair questions that i’d like to be answered.

Are you presupposed to stare on the heart?

What am i presupposed to be seeing and feeling?

Any meditations to assist information me?

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  1. These seem to be New Age „Yantras”. Aided with the correct Mantra (chant/phrases), and staring Through it, it is possible to fall into the image. These sites often have to do with techniques regarding raising ones „vibrations” to better see the Oneness.

    Using positive images, scents, and sounds that matter to you while truly believing every man is your FatherBrotherSon and every woman is your MotherSisterDaughter does feel pretty fantastic. 🙂

    (sorry if not totally helpful, just wanted to reply!)

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