The Crystal

A message from the Daughters and Sons of sunshine, Uncovering the Matrix.

Nonetheless do not imagine within the thoughts controlling matrix?

You are residing in a Thoughts and Spirit jail entrapment, within the third dimensional materials bodily airplane, beneath the programed and accepted human acutely aware (false) actuality. Dwelling as slaves to the systematically indoctrinated matrix’s hypnotic management “system” of human acutely aware acceptance.

Because the residing cattle of the planet we’re gathered and managed for the embetterment of maintaining the “system” alive, because the day we’re conceived the system turns into our way of life, influencing on the sub-conscious thoughts always, by way of a financial primarily based, socially managed, subliminal/suggestive religious entrapment.

Your individual notion is simply that of the embedded false actuality of which you may have been programed and subjected by way of all of your life, realizing solely what you “suppose” you already know and due to this fact that is all you already know! That you must open up your minds eye to new ideas of various frequencies above and past the social “collective” acceptance of purpose.

Concurrently, alongside the destruction of “mom earth/Gaia” by way of the accepted financial, industrious social human consciousness of which the overwhelming majority of each day affairs are primarily based upon. The place as, this “system” is ludicrous and insane! Mom earth freely gives every part for our co-existence together with her, from the cloths in your again, to every part the supposed “trendy civilization” is predicated upon, however as a substitute has subjected this planet to all ills of air pollution and destruction wherein, in reality our planet is the sustaining pure order for all life on this planet. There’s a extra pure harmonious solution to stay taking good care of the mom planet, as she takes care of you, which ought to be the primary precedence earlier than another consideration.

You’ve got been hypnotized! That you’re not presently conscious of and received’t, KNOW-IT till you break the thoughts locks and religious bonds that maintain you down. Then and solely then, shall you be let out to “see”. What you’ll develop into conscious of and be capable of see precisely what you have been blind to throughout the full length of your human expertise. Which has been defunct and derailed by the controlling elements of the “system”.

Its time to WAKE UP! The data you obtain by way of social community sources such because the information/the media is falsified propaganda structured to steer public opinion towards a desired objective by no means letting you already know the true agenda. You’re continually being lied to and led to imagine what’s broadcast to the final populace. I.E. 9/11, college taking pictures, unemployment, and the final info taking place on the planet. All arrange beneath the management of the 1percenters to entice your true spirit/thoughts vitality from escaping or “being let out”.

Shedding the sunshine of fact that may set you free is that this membership associations goal, A greater solution to a complete new world, the place like minds come collectively, in assist of one another in breaking floor, towards the religious goal of upper awearness in thoughts frecuncy of thought viration to beliefs above the present social thoughts ,“collective” to a complete new matrix blueprint.

To introduce the way in which, again into the sunshine, by way of a brand new notion of your actuality. By way of the strategies of DA*SOl, the goal is to be achieved by way of the repetitive, recurring re-training of the sub-conscious thoughts, bringing in remembrance of your religious fact and true function of being.

DA*SOL is the third and ultimate faction, right here to unite her personal, who await the awakening to recollect one’s Larger-self earlier than the hypnotic management, in order to share in all of the vitality of the universe, launched and set free, again into the cosmos of the pure order of issues, the way in which it was meant to be! The world is about to undergo many catastrophic ordeals, some as nationwide geographical, environmental and atmospheric occasions together with many “false flag” operations in the direction of very clandestine agenda by the controllers of the human acutely aware “collective”. You have to be knowledgeable to be able to be ready. Forewarned is to be forearmed.

Though the time is close to, haven’t any worry for DA*SOL is right here.

Dont be shy give us a attempt, simply lend us your ear and be taught what you may hear.

The decision is out, the gatherings begun. Reply the decision and be a part of all of it.
A Membership Community Affiliation

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