The Crystal

Month: April 2017

Message from the Arcturians

ManEggSpiralHornSkyYour persistent reminiscence of human, bodily incarnations has restricted your consciousness to the behavior of solely perceiving third-dimensional patterns of sunshine. Therefore, expressions of your self which might be calibrated to the upper dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are misplaced to your bodily consciousness. Your lengthy behavior of putting your consideration on the decrease…

A message from the Daughters and Sons of sunshine, Uncovering the Matrix.

Nonetheless do not imagine within the thoughts controlling matrix? You are residing in a Thoughts and Spirit jail entrapment, within the third dimensional materials bodily airplane, beneath the programed and accepted human acutely aware (false) actuality. Dwelling as slaves to the systematically indoctrinated matrix’s hypnotic management “system” of human acutely aware acceptance. Because the residing…

Arcturian geometry questions for these of you who dont know If somebody is educated on these pictures and the Arcturians, i’ve a pair questions that i’d like to be answered. Are you presupposed to stare on the heart? What am i presupposed to be seeing and feeling? Any meditations to assist information me?